Exhibition Outline

This exhibition is annual event that provides the woodworkers who are active in Hyogo Prefecture with a venue where they can each dispaly a single chair they have created.
This year, in addition to the new chairs that have resulted from their unrestrained inspiration, we will also present various wooden items, including stools, accessories, cutlery, etc., that have been made using timber from miscellaneous small trees felled as part of the forestry management of the local Rokkōsan mountain. We hope that you will come and experience the comfort of these new chairs and the texture of their wood, while also enjoying the attraction of the various items that these woodworkers have produced from the miscellaneous timber.

2019 September 3 (Tue) ~ September 16 (Mon,a national holiday)
Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum 1F Hall
9:30 – 16:30 (last admission 16:00)
Mondays (The following day when Monday falls on a national holiday)
Free(※Entry to the Permanent Exhibit requires a separate ticket.)
Ikkyakuten Executive Committee,Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum