Isamu Noguchi TOOLS

Published March.4,2023
¥2,000, A4, 68pages

ISHII HARU: Azulejo and Space

Published October.1,2022
¥1,200, A4, 36pages

– Unique Artifacts of Carpentry Tools Blacksmiths

Published March.5, 2022
¥1,300, A4, 51pages
*Out of Stock*

Endeavors in Master Craftsmanship in the Tenpyō Era:
Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology

Published October.16, 2021
¥1,000, A4, 37pages


Published July.24, 2021
¥500, A4, 104pages

Philippe Weisbecker Inside Japan:
Carpentry Tools, Architectures, Daily Items

Published February.13, 2021
¥1,700, 20×21cm, 142pages
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Tetsunosuke Miyano:
A Sawsmith Who Forged Tama-hagane Steel

Published October. 10, 2020
¥800, A4, 20pages
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AINO and ALVAR AALTO Shared Visions
Innovations in Wood Bending Technology & Design of Furniture

Published June. 2, 2020
¥500, 20×21cm, 34pages
*Out of Stock*

Daiku: A Japanese Carpenter
Modern Craftsmanship Culture and Traditions

Published Jan.11,2020
¥1,000, A4, 32pages

Revealing the Carpentry Behind the Wood Joint

Published Oct. 12, 2019
¥1,500, A4, 130pages
*Out of Stock*

Watermill carpentry
Designing hydraulic energy

Published Mar. 30, 2019
¥800, A4, 32pages
*Out of Stock*

Japanese forests and the possibilities of untreated wood

Published Feb. 27, 2019
¥1,000, A5, 60pages

Confectionery Utensils
The History of Sweets Enjoyed Through Molds

Published Dec. 15, 2018
¥800, A4, 40 pages
*Out of Stock*

Tropical wooden construction
Architecture and life styles of Insular Southeast Asia

Published Oct. 6, 2018
¥1,000, A4, 54 pages

Tradition and Innovation in the Modern Finnish Wood Culture
NIKARI STORIES from Fiskars Finland

Published Dec.16, 2017
¥500, A4, 53 pages
*Out of Stock*

A Millennium of Tile Roofing

Published Oct.14,2017
¥1000, A4, 63 pages

The Shape of Prayer
The Unknown World of the Builder’s Rites

Published Apr. 15, 2017
¥500, A4, 44 pages
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Lacquer art exhibition of Aiko Ishimoto

Published Jan. 27, 2017
¥300, A4, 26 pages
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Harmonization of Mud as the Spatial Structure

Published Sep. 17, 2016
¥300, A4, 32 pages
*Out of Stock*

Modern Japanese Architecture
Challenges in Construction Technology

Published Oct. 31, 2015
¥1000, A4, 112 pages

Collaboration with Architecture and Furniture worker
Work of Furniture

Published Sept. 19, 2015
A5, 46 pages, |700Yen
*Out of Stock*

Beauty of Practical Use

Published Apr 28, 2015
A4, 6 pages

Living with Trees
Masterful Works of Kijiya Eiichi Ogura

Published Mar 21, 2015
¥200, A4, 24 pages

Permanent Exhibitions Catalog

Published Oct 4, 2014
¥2100, A4, 192 pages

30th Anniversary
Master Carpenters in Japan, China, and Korea

Published Sep 11, 2014
¥1000, B5, 192 pages

Master of the Plane
Blacksmith Kengo Usui

Published Aug 6, 2013
A4, 8 pages
*Out of Stock*

Sukiya Carpenter
The creator of beauty

Published Aug 20, 2012
¥550, A4, 90 pages

Roofing with Thatch, Bark and Wooden Shingles

Published Oct 8, 2011
¥100, A4 , 28 pages
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Roofing with Thatch, Bark and Wooden Shingles (Tokyo)

Published Aug 22, 2011
21cm×20cm, 28 pages
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Timber-Framed Buildings in Belgium

Published Mar 29, 2011
A4 , 16 pages
*Out of Stock*

25th Anniversary
Toryo: The World of Temple and Shrine Carpenters

Published Jul 30, 2010
¥100, A4 , 36 pages
*Out of Stock*

25th Anniversary
Toryo: The World of Temple and Shrine Carpenters (Tokyo)

Published Jun 16, 2010
21cm×20cm, 28 pages
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