The Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum was opened in 1984 in Nakayamate, Kobe, as the only museum of carpentry tools in Japan, with the objective to collect and conserve such disappearing tools as a cultural heritage, and to pass them on to the next generation through research and exhibitions.
News 2020.9.8 【Special Exhibition】” The 10th, Sit/ Compare 2020 Chair Exhibition” has started.
2020.7.12 TCTM Re-opening and Requests to Visitors
2020.6.23 Notice of event suspension
2020.9.8 - 9.22 Now Open

The 10th, Sit/ Compare 2020 Chair Exhibition

This exhibition is annual event that provides the woodworkers who are active in Hyogo Prefecture with a venue where they can each dispaly a single chair they have created.
2020.9.15 - 10.25 Now Open

KIGUMI: Revealing the Carpentry Behind the Wood Joint[SAPPORO]

In this exhibition we will focus on these joinery methods, which are known as ‘kigumi’ in Japanese, and trace their history.
2020.5.12 - 12.31 Now Open

【Limited Edition】Museum at Home ※Japanese Only

09.06 木組展映像を入れ込みました

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