Exhibition Outline

Japanese traditional woodworking skills have been passed down from ancient times to the present day and are still employed in the production of the chests of drawers, boxes and other furniture to be found in our homes. The famous Shōsōin collection (dating from the 8th century) contains numerous treasures made of wood; utilizing rare and valuable materials and embodying outstanding techniques to produce gorgeous, delicate works, they continue to delight the eyes of people today.
This exhibition will focus on works representing the highest level of Japanese fine woodwork that have been created by the woodworker, SUDA Kenji, who has inherited both the skills and the soul of the past. It will introduce the history of Japanese woodworking, upon which they are based, and show the state-or-the-art techniques that make it possible for traditional cabinetmaking to be sublimated into this kind of ‘fine woodwork’. In addition, we will take a look-behind-the-scenes to see how these minutely detailed works are created. We hope that you will come and experience this world of ‘pure and refined elegance’.

2019 August 2 (Fri) ~ September 20 (Fri)
GALLERY A4(quadreple)
(1-1-1 Shinsuna Takenaka Corporation 1F, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
10:00 – 18:00 (The last day is until 17:00.)
Sundays, National holidays, August 10 (Sat) ~ August 18 (Sun)